The Khalifah Within

Praise be to Allah, The Most High

Allah is God in the heavens and in the earth, He is just and true, there is no weakness or unrighteousness in Him.  He is free from every flaw.  He never sleeps nor does He slumber, time has no effect on Him.  He separates the night from the day and the day from the night, He does not age, He is the Creator of space and time.  He brings to birth but is not born, He causes death, yet he does not die.  He has no need for anything, yet everything needs Him.  He is the Ever-Living, the source of life, self subsistent, the Eternal, forever standing.

Khalifa means people reproducing generation after generation, century after century. To come from behind.

Khalif means succession in time, place or degree or status.  The night succeeds the day; one succeeds the other in ownership of something, in office or in authority or status.  The root letters and forms have been used in the Quran 127 times.  The three basic letters are K – Kaf, L –Lam, F – Fah, from these roots come many words like a tree with roots, trunk – branches, fruit-leaves and ect.  They are connected in some way.  Khalifa – caretaker- supreme chief – successor- ruler – children of Adam – the whole of mankind – to come from behind – alternate replace representative by God’s permission, vicegerents-agent –ambassador- position of authority.

Bashara – Bishr – significant news

A joyful continance – good news – stupendous news, fine looking appearance, the outer and visible part of the skin. Mubashashir – one who announces good news?  The Prophet said: “I am a mortal just like you.”

Allah said to the Angels:

“Behold I will create a Khalifa on Earth.  An open declaration of God’s independent will and decision.  Khalifa signifies that earlier a species other than mankind had the upper hand or rule ship on earth.  Then Allah decided to supersede them with human beings.  The response of the angels makes it clear that the species before man had created much corruption and disorder.

Quran 15:27

Suggest that before man was created, the Jinn inhabited the earth.  They the Angels said: “Will you make a successor on Earth who will create corruption and who will shed blood?  Allah said: “I know what you know not.

Please note  this brothers and sisters, while angels do not commit sin, they may make mistakes, everyone besides Allah has shortcomings.  Only Allah is free of all imperfections, every one other than Allah is liable to error.  What the angels said may have been induced from an earlier observation.  But they made a hasty judgment with incomplete knowledge.  They lacked knowledge about the potential of the Khalifah (man).

Surah 2:31

“O Adam tell them their names” Adam was an intellectual type. He and his mate Eve was not only to produce children and populate the earth, they were to build a world, a society of moral and intellectual advancements.

Surah 2:32

Glory to Thee of knowledge, we have none save what Thou have taught us.

Their mistake was what they knew of the past whether it was Jinn or another creature was not necessarily what man would do.  They looked at the darkside of humanity.

Surah 3:190

Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alteration of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding.

This alternation, this rotation is as natural as the creation itself.  The khalifah is as connected to the creations as is the changing of the night and the day, as is, the changing of the seasons.  Allah gives it to us like this in this verse to let us know that we, the Khalifah, will come from behind one another.  We will alternate like the night and the day.

The prophets, the greatest Khalifah’s that ever walked the earth.  They came one behind the other from Adam to Muhammad in succession, rotation-alteration.

Sad 38:71

“Behold thy Lord, said to the angels I am about to create man from clay.”

Prophet said, “We all come from Adam and He from Clay!”  We are walking, talking, earth.  Moving earth upon the earth.  The Khalifah is in the clay that walks, the walking talking earth in you and me.

The Khalifa is a mind set,  G-D  given facilities  like knowledge, will, discretion, understanding, reasoning, judgment, love, compassion, ability to know right from wrong, repenting ability, remorsefulness.  The Khalifa is put on the earth to establish the best moral and spiritual life to build an idea society based on God’s law for the benefit of all people.

May Allah Guide us, and except our prayers. Ameen