Safety Guidelines

ICT is allowing an increased occupancy of up to 50. We ask that no more than 25 people are allowed in the prayer room and that the multipurpose room be used as overflow. We are still NOT be serving Jumah lunches. The ICT will not be coordinating any large Iftars this Ramadan.

If you are feeling SICK, please STAY home.
Temperatures must be BELOW 100*.
Do not SHAKE hands or EMBRACE others.
Bring your own PRAYER RUG.
Make WUDU before you come to Masjid.
Use HAND-SANITIZER before entering prayer room.
Enter masjid ONE by ONE (no more than 2 in entry way).
Stay at least 6 FEET APART at all times.
Leave the building IMMEDIATELY and keep your distance.
Brothers & Sisters 60 years old and over are recommended to stay home.

NO Quranic Classes

All classes are currently on hold.

Imam Omar Hazim

Our Imam Omar Hazim has many publications and public speaking events. To view some of his teachings view the Imam’s section or visit
Islam in the Heartland of America.

Janaza Services & Info

ICT has land reserved at the Topeka Cemetery. Muslims can purchase lots ahead of time. Are you prepared?


To educate adults and children alike in the areas of the Holy Quran, Hadith, history of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and other aspects of Islam. To strengthen the bonds among Muslims, to promote better understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, and to present the religion of Islam to people of other faith groups. To co-operate with other Islamic organizations. The affairs of the Center are and shall be managed by the Shura Committee with the Imam as the advisor.

Who Are We

Islamic Center of Topeka is a non-profit religious organization. The purpose of the Center is to serve the best interests of the Muslim Community and providing a focal point for Islamic rituals and responsibly. It is a place of regular worship and education to give the life giving message of Al-Islam. The ICT is a place to present and teach Islam in a clear and practical way to its listeners and dispel misconceptions about Islam that are prevalent in our society.