Seizing Opportunities

Prophet Muhammad said :

Seize the opportunity of five things before the occurrence of five things, your youth before your old age, your health before your illness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before being occupied and your life before your death.  The Prophet urges us to take the opportunity to enjoy our youth and wealth.  An old proverb says; “It is better to be a living donkey than a dead lion.”

Youth before Old Age

The young people should seize the opportunity of their youth while they are strong and healthy in body and mind.  Young people should take the opportunity to get a good education.  Young people who are morally and spiritually conscious develop a sense of their own self worth.  Helping our children develop healthy self-esteem is one of the most important things that parents can do for them; it is the foundation of their faith and commitment to Allah.

Healthy feelings about one’s self or high self esteem is best started in the home, and this needs to be cultivated in our children from birth.  When we do this we help them to seize the best opportunity of their youth, to develop strong moral and spiritual values.

When you are young, strive for the cases you believe in, even your own life career.  A plan, a goal, a purpose.

Your Health before Illness

Health is a crown on the heads of healthy people; nobody sees it as clearly as the sick.  The Prophet urges us to take care of our health; we only get one physical body.  Most of us eat too much and exercise too little.   The food we eat keeps us alive and it also helps to take us away from this life.  The Prophet said, the worst thing that the children of Adam overfeed are their stomachs.  He said fill it one third with food, one third with liquid and leave one third empty.

A Proverb: A good mind is through a good body.

Let us make sure that we protect our health from the pollution of junk food, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

Exercise 3 to 5 times a week.  When we become ill we may not be able to use our physical and mental capabilities as much in the service of humanity and Allah.  Remember this maxim of wisdom, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of medicine.”

Your Time before Being Busy

Time can be our best friend or our foe.  Time can be used and time can be wasted.  No matter what we do, one thing is always happening, time is passing.  The way that we should spend our time is in positive ways the ways that please God.  Once time has passed, it can never be regained.  Once we have done something it is in the past.  It can never be changed, if we waste our time, that time can never be used again.

There is time to pray, time to go to school, time to sleep, time for meals, time to seek knowledge – young and old, leisure time with spouses, family and loved ones, time for masjid and time for service to others and community life.

The Prophet said:

Angels said when the sun rises children of Adam; I am a new day so make the best of me for you will not see me again until the Day of Judgment.

Your Wealth before Poverty

Quran 3:14

We must admit that wealth, money, properties and affluence are all blessings from Allah who grants His bounties to whom he pleases.  He wants us to use them properly and effectively.  He wants us to spend some of this for His love to help others in terms of charity, donations, grants for education, zakat and interest free loans.  Those who spend in His way will be rewarded in this life and the next.

Remember Prophet Sulaiman who was granted the greatest wealth in the history of mankind.

Quran 38:30

How excellent in our service, ever did he turn to us

Your Life before Your Death

Allah has made our life sacred.  Humans did not create themselves, not even one single cell.  Our life is a trust given to us by God Almighty.  We are not allowed to diminish it, let alone to harm or destroy it.

We should not kill ourselves or take our lives.  Islam requires Muslims to be resolute in facing hardships.  We are not permitted to give up and run away from life’s tragedies.  We must always have hope and faith these are  weapons.  Your mind is your spiritual estate; don’t be careless with your thoughts. We progress by the power of thought.

We pray for Allah’s forgiveness, and guidance, Ameen.