Are you prepared? Do you have your Janaza Kit?

Preparing your death may seem daunting.  Don’t leave your family and friends with the burden of handling your death when you can help make the process seamless.  Below are questions we challenge you to answer and learn. 1. Do you have your Janazah kit?     Everyone should have a Janazah kit ready because Death can come at any time.     Jansazah kit consists of many item such as:

  • Kafan (cotton sheets unhemmed)
  • 3 piece male kit / 5 piece female kit
  • Hair and body wash (unscented)
  • 3 pairs of surgical non-latex gloves
  • 3 full body towels
  • 3 face towels/ 2 hand towels
  • comb
  • musk body oil
  • camphor cube
  • nail polish remover
  • cotton balls
  • face mask
  • apron
  • scissors
  • large Band-Aids
  • 4-6 small trash bags

ICT owns 10 Spaces Current with l used, 9 spaces remain. There are 50 ICT available spaces and more if needed.

Superintendent of the Topeka Cemetery: Lisa Sandmeyer

Current Price: (10% discount)
Space   $820
State Tax
Perpetual Care $   
Saturday Service: additional charge
Wooden Box $500.00
Open & Close $925.00   
Approximate Cost: $2,290.00

Price Increase February 1st, 2020
Slant Stand up Marker stone; ISLAMIC CENTER Cemetery. $895.00
Uniform Grave Marker:  Grey
24 x 12  $595.00
20 x 10  $495.00

Direct payment for space in the ICT cemetery area (not previously purchased by the ICT) can be made directly to The Topeka Cemetery. Payment plans are also available.

ICT has established a Janazza team.  The following have completed a two-day training at the Death & Dying Seminar – March 2018.


  • Imam Omar Hazim (Team Leader)
  • Fareed El-Amin
  • Luqmann Shabazz
  • Imam Ron Hasan
  • Najhee Cannon Hunt
  • Rehan Reza


  • Jewel Makda
  • Larita Hasan
  • Deidre Hazim
  • Lou Saadi
  • Bilquis Mohamman
  • Jenis Sheikh